1) Make Recruiting and Screening More Real with Virtual Reality
Talent acquisition is always a cornerstone of success for any business. Making mistakes in recruiting and screening will result in average performance and a lot of time waste until you can part ways with this employee and find another one.

2) Create Incredible Training Programs for Staff
At first, only NASA used virtual reality to create training sessions for its pilots.

3) Video Interviews may come to life by use of Virtual Reality
People thought video interviewing would live up to its promise but later it was realized that both hiring managers and candidates can lose out on some important interpersonal interactions in video interviews.

4) Transform Collaboration and Telecommuting into a True Community
Virtual reality already plenty of tools that help businesses work with freelancers or even employees located at a distance.

5) Help Your Support Staff Connect to Consumers in Real-Time
A huge part of making a business success revolves around finding new ways of stimulating your sales team and enabling it to become more performant.
This is where VR steps in as a game-changer: if you give your sales team (and support staff) a way to really interact with the customers.