About the company

All spheres and branches of our lives are changing during the era of the fourth industrial revolution. There is an inevitable need to create a new approach to the training and development of people.

Our company is based on many years of experience in implementing projects in the field of staff training in various regions of the world, as well as the desire to change the traditional approach to the development of people in the context of rapid changes.

Tecedu offers innovative solutions in the area of training for employees of oil and gas, energy and mining and metallurgical companies.

Our approach is based on using 3D visualization technologies, digitalization, virtual and augmented reality simulators and a personalized approach to training. The use of modern methods in training allows us to accelerate the process of transferring large volumes of complex information and simplify the mastering of new knowledge and skills.

Tecedu provides customized and standard turnkey solutions using both classic and innovative forms of training.

Our clients especially appreciate the flexibility and professionalism that we demonstrate when implementing both complex and simple projects.


Advisory approach to the client

It often happens that suppliers of goods and services are only interested in selling their goods or services simply because they use an outdated approach to the sales process organization. This approach is based on quantitative rather than qualitative indicators. However, at the moment, you do not even need some of these products and services.

The process of how Tecedu sales its services is based on a consultative approach to customers. We place a priority on your needs and the search for solutions to your problems. We will determine the needs of your business and develop a proposal that will achieve the desired result. In this case, you get what you really need, and when you need it.



It happens that your production facility or office is located at a great distance from the training center and sending employees for training will lead to high travel expenses. Or, you need to conduct on-site training in the conditions, which are very close to the actual working environment.

In this case, we provide any training from our catalog in the location you choose, even in the most remote regions of the world, be it in the Far North, desert, tundra or the continental shelf.

If you need to encourage highly efficient employees or strengthen the corporate spirit, we can organize a field seminar or team building anywhere in the world and take care of all organizational issues.



Let us assume that you found the program you need in our training course catalog but would like to shorten it or expand the range of topics. Or, you need to develop a non-standard training program, which is not in our catalog.

In this case, our curriculum and instruction department can customize or develop any training program you require. At the preliminary stage, we will conduct a training needs analysis (TNA) and identify training goals. In this case, all topics will be relevant to your employees. The participants will take a more active part in the training and will be able to apply their knowledge in the workplace immediately.

As your employees learn together, they can discuss and consider the real work situations that are characteristic of your organization. This makes learning more useful and effective.


Instructors with real practical experience

Experienced instructors are the most important element of the training process. Tecedu’s multi-level recruitment process ensures you always have the best instructors and consultants.

Our instructors are trained in adult education and are able to present the training material clearly and briefly. They will deliver information in an interesting way and create a safe and engaging learning environment. Be sure you will receive exactly what is required for your business, with a 100% quality guarantee.

The average length of service of our instructors in specialty makes 22 years.


The possibility of learning in practice

Do you need training that would really help you change the way your employees think? Everyone understands that this is not so easy but with Tecedu the task has become doable.

Training in practice is the best approach to solving existing problems, during which measures are taken and the results obtained are analyzed. This helps to improve the problem-solving process as well as the solutions developed by the team.

Practice in the classroom

By allowing students to practice in the classroom, we create a positive perception of feedback to improve training through trial and error. Some of these methods include group discussions, interactive exercises, training using virtual and augmented reality tools, brainstorming, and case study analysis.

Practice outside the classroom

After students have learned the theory in the classroom, they need to practice in a controlled environment outside the classroom. For this purpose, such methods as modeling of work and critical situations, on-the-job training, practice in workshops and internships for sharing experience are used.

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Multi-level quality control

In the modern world, if you pay money for the services provided, you expect the quality to match the price. In the case of training services, this applies to the work of the instructor, training materials, stationery, reporting, and other things.

We use a multi-level quality control system for our products and services through internal audits and testing, as well as feedback from our customers. This process is regulated by an internal quality management system based on international standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 29990: 2010


Detailed reporting

Detailed reporting and collection of documentary evidence is an important element of the training organization. These may be the forms of feedback from the training participant, test and attendance results.

Tecedu records and processes all necessary data to form detailed reports on the training conducted. You always get the reports you need on time and in a convenient format – all reports can be generated in accordance with the needs of the client.

In addition to reports on the evaluation of training, attendance, results of testing and evaluation of competencies, we provide reports on individual development and tips on further development for participants. As a training coordinator or training and development process manager, you will receive a complete set of administrative reports immediately after the training has been completed.


Specialized provider

Many training service providers do not have adequate experience in organizing technical training and understanding the features of the application of a scientifically based approach to adult education (andragogy).

Tecedu specializes in providing training services for oil and gas, mining and metallurgical companies and relies on many years of practical experience in implementing staff training and development projects. We know what customers need as our consultants have been in charge of the training and development function in major international companies. This gives us an advantage and allows us to determine the needs of the client effectively.

Our objectives and goals

Incompetence leads to low productivity, poor quality of services, and, sometimes, to casualties and emergencies. As a result, the reputation and, subsequently, the financial stability of the company suffers.

Our mission

The Tecedu team invents the future of technical education using advanced technologies, best practices, standards, knowledge, and skills. Our work is aimed at increasing general competence and professionalism in a professional environment.

Our values

  • Achieve outstanding results
  • Accept and promote changes
  • Give joy to ourselves and others
  • Be brave, inventive and open to new experiences
  • Strive for development and learning
  • Build open and trusting relationships with others
  • Love our business and be independent
  • Achieve greater results with lower costs
  • Create a positive and family atmosphere in the team
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