GASP001 - Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing

Programme Overview

Natural gas, as is used in the market, is completely different from the natural gas extracted from wellheads. While the processing of natural gas is less complicated than the processing and refining of crude oil, it is equally as necessary before its use by consumers. Some of such processes are necessary to be able to transport the gas over long distances and some are critical for the recovery of valuable components contained in the gas.

The fundamentals of natural gas processing training course covers the fundamentals and principals of purifying natural gas for the purpose of fuel. The fundamentals of natural gas processing training course gives you a great perspective of the natural gas industry, from wellheads to market.

Who should attend

The fundamentals of natural gas processing training course is ideal for technical, operations and maintenance personnel involved in gas gathering and processing who have had limited exposure in this area, or for professionals involved in other areas of the petroleum industry who require a comprehensive overview of gas gathering and processing.

By the end of this training course, participants will:

  • Understand the chemistry of natural gas basic science
  • Describe the major and common processes of the natural gas plants
  • Understand technical process drawings
  • Understand how natural gas is found in nature and how gas wells are developed
  • Determine various methods used to purify natural gas
  • Understand the oil and gas facilities terminology
  • Discuss how gas processing fits into the value chain for hydrocarbon products
  • Identify the key issues at the plants
  • Explain the transportation of the natural gas
  • Describe the difference between various gas conditioning and processing technologies
  • Explain which technique should be used based on the process
  • Understand the principles of gas measurement and common measurement devices
  • Discuss the market’s needs for NGL, LPG, ethane, propane and butane

Course Outline

An Overview to Natural Gas Processing

  • Background
  • History
  • Resources
  • Uses

Natural Gas from Wellhead to the Market

  • Exploration
  • Extraction
  • Processing and Production
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Marketing

Natural Gas Fundamentals

  • Characteristics of natural gas
  • Chemistry of oil and gas
  • Raw gas contaminants
  • Sales gas and product specifications
  • Vapor/liquid separation principals
  • Terminology

Gas Traditional Processes

  • Excess water removal
  • Acid gas removal
  • Dehydration
  • Mercury removal
  • Nitrogen removal
  • NGL separation
  • Gas sweetening and sulfur recovery
  • Acid gas re-injection
  • Natural gas liquids and dew point control

Nitrogen Rejection Processes

  • Cryogenic process
  • Absorption process (using lean oil or solvent)
  • Membrane separation
  • Adsorption process (activated carbon)

Storage System

  • Storage tanks
  • Vapor recovery system
  • LACT unit
  • Sampling

Natural Gas Transportation

  • Pipeline components
  • Compressor stations
  • Metering stations
  • Valves
  • Control stations

Business Sector

  • Industry and market Structure
  • Natural gas demand
  • Natural gas supply
  • Economics of the natural gas plants


  • The history of regulations
  • The market under regulation
  • The environmental impacts


To enhance learning effectiveness, hand on experience will be emphasised in this programme through role-plays in class presentation, group facilitation and class critique.

Case studies, group discussions and video support will also be used to enhance learning experience. Fun quizzes will be injected to provide formative assessment and a fun learning environment.

Location & Date

Tuition fees include

Classes, books and training materials.
Entry level test.
Free Internet access.
International certificate upon completion of the course.
Coffee breaks and a buffet lunch daily.
*Fees do not include charges for travel and accommodation costs



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