RPCH024 - Oil Desalting System

Programme Overview

Oil desalting systems provide protection to capital intensive processing equipment by removing the salt component from crude oil.  There are many significant variables to control in the crude oil production process.  This course provides participants with knowledge necessary to understand that the desalting operation is one that must constantly be adjusted to maintain optimum performance.

The course will move from the fundamentals of the desalting process, through to the various design options and major process variables.  Discussion will also include topics on electrical desalting and the types of desalting systems.

As the course progresses, discussion will focus on design considerations, components, operation, performance, and troubleshooting tactics used in desalting operations.

Who should attend

Engineers, senior operation personnel and technical supervisors interested or involved in the operation, optimization and monitoring of crude oil atmospheric distillation and residue vacuum distillation units.

By the end of this training course, participants will:

  • grasp fundamental process control and the impact of each controller on the process and on the characteristics of the cuts produced,
  • analyse desalter operation and corrosion monitoring,
  • detect potential deficiencies by troubleshooting.

Course Outline

General overview of the benefits of crude oil desalting

Impact of crude oil quality on desalter performance

  • Introduction to Desalting
  • Crude Oil Impurities: Water, Salt and Solids
  • Impact of Organic Acids, Asphaltenes
  • Desalting Heavy and Opportunity Crudes
  • Tankage Dehydration

Fundamentals of electrical desalting

  • Wash Water Addition
  • Rate and Wash Water Quality
  • Mixing/Contact: Mix Valves & Static Mixer
  • Coalescence: Stoke’s Law and Electrical Voltage
  • Performance Control Variables
  • Dehydration Efficiency vs. Salt Removal Efficiency

Types of desalting systems

  • Single-Stage Dehydrator
  • Single-Stage Desalter
  • Two-Stage Desalter
  • Three-Stage Desalter
  • Typical Operating Conditions and Performance

Desalter components

  • Process Vessel
  • Distribution System
  • Electrodes and Transactors
  • Mud Wash
  • Level Control Devices

Desalter design considerations

  • Vessel Size
  • Number of Stages
  • Transactor Size and Power Consumption
  • Crude Properties

Commercial desalter designs

  • PETRECO electric AC desalter
  • NATCO electro-dynamic desalter Electrostatic Desalting Technology

Factors that affect desalter operation and performance

  • Crude Oil Feed Rate and Quality
  • Temperature/Viscosity/Density Relationships
  • Electrical Field Intensity
  • Wash Water Rate, Quality and Flow Configuration
  • Emulsion Formation (Pumps, Exchangers, Valves, Mixers)
  • Control of Water Level and Emulsion Layers
  • Demulsifier Technology and Addition Rate
  • Mud Washing and Brine Recycle

Types of desalting applications

  • Heavy Crude Desalting
  • FCC Feed Desalting
  • Distillate Treating

Desalter troubleshooting

  • Oily Effluent
  • Poor Dehydration and/or Desalting
  • Workshop


To enhance learning effectiveness, hand on experience will be emphasised in this programme through role-plays in class presentation, group facilitation and class critique.

Case studies, group discussions and video support will also be used to enhance learning experience. Fun quizzes will be injected to provide formative assessment and a fun learning environment.

Location & Date

Date: 30 Nov - 4 Dec, 2020
Location: Moscow
Language: Russian
83 942 RUB

Tuition fees include

Classes, books and training materials.
Entry level test.
Free Internet access.
International certificate upon completion of the course.
Coffee breaks and a buffet lunch daily.
*Fees do not include charges for travel and accommodation costs



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