Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy


1. No one should offer, pay, make, look for or acknowledge an individual payment, blessing or support as a byproduct of treatment or to pick up a business advantage.
2. No one should permit any other individual to do as such for your behalf.
3. No one should make help payments. If an assistance payment has been asked for or made, you should quickly report it to your manager and TECEDU Management. If you make a payment since you truly trust your life, limb or liberty is at risk, this is not an assistance payment but rather should be accounted for as though it were.

Any type of corruption must be reported. Turning a blind eye to doubts of bribery and corruption can bring about obligation for TECEDU and for our people.

Corporate business team and manager in a meeting, close up

TECEDU builds relationships on trust, and we are resolved to keep up and improve our reputation. Therefore, we never acknowledge or pay bribes, including assistance payments. Indeed, even unsubstantiated claims of bribery and corruption may harm our reputation.

Everybody in TECEDU must conform to the anti-bribery and corruption laws of the counties where we work, and also those that apply crosswise over fringes.

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