Quality Policy

Quality Assurance and Control are our key objectives

TECEDU is committed with the installations, implementation and maintenance of quality policies and procedures in accordance with its vision. A key objective of TECEDU quality is the acknowledgment of the industry and the perception of the client necessities in order to bring quality trainings and services that fulfil those needs.

Objectives of our Quality Policy:

  • Obtain feedback from clients and evaluate their satisfaction.
  • Communicate and ensure that the quality policy and standards are comprehended by all the TECEDU team including company contractors.
  • Determine objectives and promote continuous improvement.
  • Supply appropriate information and training to TECEDU workers and contractors and evaluate their competence.
  • Identify and evaluate Company risks and opportunities including internal issues.
  • Recognize, investigate and accurate quality matters and take action to prevent recurrence.
  • Measure, evaluate and report on quality execution.
  • Review with regularity the effectiveness of this policy and its objectives.

TECEDU Management have the responsibility for the execution of this Quality Policy and the continuous improvement of the company in this issue.

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