Safety and Operational Risk Training Programmes and Consulting Services

“Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy” 

Author Unknown

TECEDU provides almost everything you need to ensure that your health and safety compliance programmes are sufficient and cost-effective. We know and understand which regulations apply to your operations. From there, each of our programmes and services are customized and tailored to you, with total assurance that your regulatory needs have been satisfied.

Our services encompass some key areas involved in the health and safety field. The results far exceed the costs because we make safety solutions practical, simple, and affordable.

Training and Consulting


Our HSE courses are provided by the experienced and certified trainers and instructors authorized to deliver the required training, and holding appropriate documents and certificates.

All our HSE courses can be delivered in one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

TECEDU instructors can help you conduct Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in order to develop HSE training matrix and training programmes. We can also help you to train your internal HSE instructors.

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Our team of professionals can help your organisation to deal with problems ranging from ensuring compliance with local and international regulations and standards, to implementing effective systems for managing health and reducing injuries or financial losses. Below you can find some of our services:

  • Safety consultation;
  • Scenario-based Risk Assessments;
  • Contractor Safety Management;
  • Facility and Equipment Inspections;
  • Safety Compliance Inspection;
  • Incident Investigations;
  • HAZOP and Task Analysis Reviews. A review of Hazardous Operations (HAZOP), along with Task Analysis is the key to identifying and prioritising your organisation’s training and competency assurance programmes;
  • Environmental Impact Assessments;
  • Development of HSE documentation and procedures.

Training courses

General HSE Courses

  • International Minimum Industry Safety Training;
  • Environmental Management System;
  • Safety Management System;
  • Risk Awareness and Assessment.

Occupational Health

  • Basic First Aid;
  • Advanced First Aid.

Emergency Response

  • Emergency Response Team member & Team leader;
  • Basic Fire Fighting;
  • ERP Management;
  • Incident investigation, Root cause analysis and fact finding;
  • Oil Spill Response Operator;
  • Oil Spill Response Management.

Permit to Work System

  • Permit to Work System;
  • Mechanical Isolation;
  • Energy Isolation;
  • Working at heights.

Confined Space Entry

  • Confined Space Entry;
  • Confined Space Entry Awareness with Breathing Apparatus;
  • Confined Space Rescue;
  • Authorized Gas Tester 1 & 2.

Lifting Operations

  • Forklift Operator;
  • Crane Operator;
  • Safe Lifting Operations.

Transport Driving

  • Defensive Driving;
  • Off-road driving.

Role Specific courses

  • Award in Health and Safety at Work;
  • International Certificate in Health and Safety at Work;
  • Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials;
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health;
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points;
  • Vessels Under Pressure;
  • Electrical Safety Rules;
  • Warehouse Management System.

What makes our programmes so efficient

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In-class practice

Allowing students to practice in a controlled, in-class environment fosters the appreciation for feedback and trial-and-error learning. Such activities include discussions, interactive demonstrations, job-instruction training, brainstorming, and case studies.

Behavioral objectives

Learners who understand what is expected are more involved and willing to invest energy in pursuit of a goal. To be effective, learning objectives must specify a behavior or performance that a learner should be able to complete at the end of training, a measurable criterion, and any conditions of performance.​


Legitimate training needs

The best way to validate a training need is to conduct a pre-course needs analysis. If a training topic is truly a training need, learners will be actively engaged and willing to learn the new topic and can readily apply it to the workplace.

Outstanding trainers

Our trainers facilitate a conversation to ensure the needs and expectations of the learners are met, present material clearly and effectively, and make information interesting in a safe and engaging learning environment.


Learning methodology

Our training methodology is focused on Action learning during each stage of the training programme. This will be achieved through combination of various training methods (work-based assignments, one-to-one coaching, group discussions, training etc.)

Safety consulting services

"Safety is not an intellectual exercise to keep us in work. It is a matter of life and death. It is the sum of our contributions to safety management that determines whether the people we work with live or die" 

Sir Brian Appleton after Piper Alpha.

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (UK), investing in Safety Training:

  • Helps employees to identify hazards and adopt safe and healthy working practices;
  • Helps to avoid the pain, anguish and financial costs that accidents and ill health cause;
  • Fosters a positive culture of health and safety, in which unsafe and unhealthy working are not tolerated;
  • Enables employees to spot ways to improve health and safety management;
  • Enables companies to meet legal duty to protect the health and safety of their employees and others.

Contractor Safety Management

Successful contractor management is becoming a high priority for many organisations, especially in oil and gas. Increased liability from third-party lawsuits and significant risk of incidents often lead organisations to point to contractors as one of their biggest safety and health concerns. Efficient contractor safety management programme will limit your liability, minimise incidents, and create an overall safer work environment.

TECEDU can help with the development and implementation of rigorous contractor pre-qualification programmes, as well as assisted contractors in completing the pre-qualification process.

Facility & Equipment Safety Inspections

Facility and equipment safety inspections are necessary in order to ensure the safety of your employees and place of business. Busy workplaces must be safe workplaces in order to operate at maximum efficiency. Making or finding the time to verify that your site meets regulatory requirements is not easy to squeeze into most day-to-day operations. TECEDU do what the average operations or facilities manager does not have the time to do. TECEDU has the time, and a clear understanding of the applicable regulations to make sure your site is in compliance at all times.


Incident Investigations

Accident investigation is a key component of injury prevention and reduction. Incidents, including injuries, exposures, near-misses/close-calls, environmental releases, or property damage cases are unfortunate events. but they are also opportunities for significant learning.

Our highly trained team of experienced investigators can be dispatched to your site, business or company with little lead-time. TECEDU will conduct an investigation that is focused not on assigning blame, but on learning from the incident to prevent reoccurrence and to find opportunities for risk and injury reduction.

Risk Assessments

Risk is present in nearly every facet of life, and if you don’t proactively seek it out and manage it, it will find you eventually. TECEDU professionals can help you in assessing, analyzing, and mitigating risks.

Our risk assessment process is fully compliant with IEC/ISO 31010 and ANSI/ASSE Z690.3 and specifically designed to help you meet your goals. The risk assessment can be organization or business unit wide, or project specific.


Safety Assessments & Audits

TECEDU safety and environmental assessments go above and beyond in ensuring your company and sites comply with local and international requirements. We help build a safety culture where employees and management work together to do the job both effectively and safely.

Safety and Operational Risk Consultations

Our team of professionals has helped organisations in the energy industry to deal with problems ranging from ensuring compliance with local and international regulations and standards, to implementing effective systems for managing health and safety and reducing injuries or financial losses. 

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