Technical Education Solutions for Operations & Maintenance Personnel

Current Trends in Technical Education

Global industries such as the oil and gas industry understand the value of training and do not need to be convinced to conduct training or to train more and spends many millions of dollars annually on training.

7 key aspects of Technical Education

1. Competencies are more important than qualifications because, when it comes to assigning work, competencies are the only currency.

2. Skilled workers are different from entry-level learners in that, on the whole, they are far more confident learners and effectively take charge of their own learning program if they have such opportunity.

3. Advanced skill learners require training with ‘bite’. This requires thoughtful instructional design where the trainer perceptively judges the degree of challenge (‘bite’) in light of each worker’s capacity to meet the challenge.

4. The need for assessment and recognition of competencies. The evidence of workers’ skill and applicable knowledge must effectively meet a legal standard, which requires expert assessment of competencies.

5. The role of time in learning needs re-thinking. Extended and repeated experience appears to be a critical element in acquiring advanced skill.

6. Experiential learning to master leading-edge skill requires the learner to work alongside an expert.

7. Enterprises ought to conceptualise the workplace as a learning environment as well as the site where products/services are created.

​”The importance of workers continuously redeveloping their skill sets is now widely appreciated. This is a recognition that changes in technologies, benchmarks, products, processes and business strategies are relentless and, consequently, the skills and knowledge that employees require keep shifting.”

J.Figgis and A.Standen. “Training skilled workers: Lessons from the oil and gas industry”

Our Technical Training offer

TECEDU provides all types of training and development services for Operations and Maintenance personnel, and has a first class background in providing training to our clients.

We offer:

  • Short-term training programmes (theory & practice);
  •  Long-term training programmes for technicians and Engineers (Accelerated Technicians/Engineers Training Programmes);

Our training programmes can be delivered using the following forms of training:

  • Highly interactive Classroom training using Action learning concepts;
  • Simulation training;
  • Workshop training;
  • Facility specific orientation training;
  • On-the-job training;
  • Blended learning;
  • Augmented and Vertual Reality (AVR) training.


All our instructors are highly qualified professionals with direct experience in international projects in petroleum and power generating business.​


International Accreditations

Long-term technical training programmes for technicians and operators can be certified/endorsed by a professional certification bodies such as OPITO or City and Guilds what will make them internationally recognised.


Competence Management and Assurance Programme

We can help you build a technical competence assurance programme specific to your project requirements.We will do a task analysis and then develop a roadmap for each designated job function based on procedural and non-procedural competencies.The Competence Management and Assurance Programme will provide you with a framework for design and implementation of your organization’s training and development programme.

Classroom training

Classroom training is instructor led and in addition to providing instructors that are subject matter experts TECEDU also offers “Train the Trainer” and "Internal Assessor/Verifier" programmes for Client's employees so as to continuously ensure that our classroom training courses are being provided at the highest possible standard.

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Workshop training

Workshop Training builds on the skills learnt in the classroom and allows the trainee to develop practical skills under the supervision and instruction of qualified TECEDU personnel.

On-the-job training

On-the-job training addresses the transition from the safe environment of the classroom or workshop to the hazardous worksite environment. This is a critical part of the development process that allows the trainee to bring together knowledge and practical skills in a ‘real time’ environment. Through mentoring and supervision, TECEDU instructors ensure that the trainee performs the task in a safe and timely manner. Gaps in knowledge or skills can be identified by TECEDU mentors and programs developed to close them.


Simulation training

Simulation can be instructor led or self taught and involves the use of either generic stand alone modules or custom built field specific programs. Programmes can be run on standard PCs that can be networked together for more advanced programmes OR advanced simulation systems for drivers, crane operators, drilling rig operators etc.

TECEDU partner with leading companies in simulator production and modification, simulation and training research and aircraft maintenance logistics support, development of image generation, visual display, reconfigurable simulator and networked training technologies.

Facility specific orientation

Facility specific orientation training can be provided by TECEDU for your employees in advance of deployment to a new location within your organization. Training your personnel with insight into facility specifics in advance of deployment allows them to ‘hit the ground running’.


Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) training

Augmented Reality smart glasses used in manufacturing can boost workers’ productivity on an array of tasks the first time they’re used, even without prior training. By overlaying job aids like videos, graphics or text onto objects, AR glasses can, for instance, allow workers to view repair instructions while they are repairing an object. AR technologies will be instrumental in closing the skill gap, and will allow more workers to do high-skill jobs, and improve their performance. Virtual Reality has obvious applications in high-consequence training, where stakes and costs are high. For example, VR may be a better approach for hard-to-reach or expensive to replicate situations (for instance, oil rig hazards) whereas AR may be better suited to on-the-job augmentation (for instance, enhancing a routine process in a manufacturing setting).

E-learning & Blended Learning

Blended learning is a hybrid, flexible or distributed learning - combination of the use of electronic learning solutions and traditional face-to-face classroom teaching strategis/techniques to ensure maximum effectiveness in learning facilitation.

This mixture of blending of different technologies with the traditional face-to-face approach to teaching and learning has given a rise to a new paradigm in the education environment. TECEDU is partnering with leading providers of the best available up to date e-learning content providers to integrate their solutions to our training programmes.

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Learning Management System

Managing a complex Technical training programme of Competency Management and Assurance Systems can be a big challenge if you use primitive control solutions like spreadsheets or data bases. Advanced LMS system can do it better and help you to optimize your data and resources.

TECEDU has a structured approach to Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Competency Management and Assurance Systems (CMAS). We will guide you through all stages of “Selection and Evaluation” and “Implementation” of your LMS/CMAS.

Accelerated Technician Training Programme

In case when the general standard/quality of the university and college education in the country of your operations is not sufficient for safe operations of your facilities by local employees TECEDU can design and deliver Accelerated Technician Training Programme for your personnel to fill the competence gaps and assure that you have a competent staff at work

Available ATTP:

  • Operations/Process (Upstream);
  • Operatoins/Process (Refinery);
  • Electrical (Oil and Gas);
  • Mechanical (Oil and Gas);
  • Instrument and control (Oil and Gas);
  • Construction/Fabrication (Oil and Gas);
  • Electrical (Utilities);
  • Mechanical (Utilities);
  • Instrument and control (Utilities).

Features of the Programme



The broad aims of the Industry Accelerated Technician Training Programme is to provide graduate recruits with an effective introduction to oil and gas production and processing operations and maintenance activities, and to allow your Company additional opportunities to assess the capability and aptitude of the recruits for further development.

The programme will prepare technicians for entry-level employment with carefully designed career ladders for advancement, so high potential technicians can be promoted to Engineers Development Programme.

The standard programme will normally cover training for 4 key disciplines:

  • Process;
  • Mechanical;
  • Electrical;
  • Instrument.

Effectiveness Evaluation

Performance based evaluations, using the Kirkpatrick model, will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.  Planning, implementation and evaluation of the curriculum will be carefully discussed with the you.


Learning Outcomes

On completion of the “Accelerated Technician Training Programme”, successful trainees will:

  • Have a good understanding of the main processes and technologies involved in the production and processing of oil and gas and associated condensate;
  • Have an appreciation of the challenges associated with maintaining oil and gas production & processing facilities and the different maintenance approaches that can be used;
  • Have improved English Language skills;
  • Have exposure to the relevant skills needed to maintain equipment and facilities;
  • Have a good understanding of the main types of equipment used, the operating principles and routine maintenance required;
  • Understand the need for rigorous HSE systems in this type of potentially hazardous industrial environment.

Recruitment and Employment


We can assist you with selection/recruitment of trainees for further training and development as Engineers or Technicians in the country of your operations.


Technicians can be employed by TECEDU for the period of training and will receive training in a variety of areas including site orientation, safety, systems operation, core technical subjects and intermediate tool-specific training.

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