Training Administration & Outsourcing

Training provided by 3rd party providers is perhaps the largest unmanaged spend within the training function. TECEDU’s training administration & outsourcing service addresses the entire lifecycle of vendor provided training.

Our clients receive:

  • Cost reduction;
  • Access to a leading collection of learning providers;
  • Full suite of support services including selection;
  • Measurement;
  • Knowledge management.

Whether internal or external, your budget for learning is an investment; our approach, processes, and technology ensure that our clients get the highest returns for that investment.

In our approach, we can own the content or utilise third-party providers. The best solution for your case will be identified and customers can benefit from our expertise in providing vendor management/training administration outsourcing services.

TECEDU’s training administration outsourcing service addresses the Total Cost of Learning. Over the past decade, training organisations have made great strides in optimising the value they receive from their investments on learning. The industry now has more refined approaches to content development, training administration, and evaluation.

In contrast, we believe that off-the-shelf instructor-led training may represent the largest training spent that can be optimised. One of the reasons for this is a failure by vendor managers to recognise and solve for the Total Cost of Learning.

Data:  24.01.2014
Local:  Camacari, Bahia
Cliente:  Braskem
Ref1:  Pessoas
Ref2: Pessoas em ambientes industriais
Job:  Camaçari
Assunto: da esquerda para a direita: Antônio Menezes de Souza, técnico eletricista e Sérgio Alves da Silva, técnico pleno eletricista, fazem análise na sub-estação de energia.
Assistente:  Leonardo Reis
Foto: Julio Bittencourt

Benefits for your business:

  • Training will be tightly linked to business;
  • Time spent in training will be reduced to increase productivity;
  • List of courses, vendors, participation, and delivery mode will be rationalised;
  • Total Cost of Learning will be reduced;
  • Internal staffing requirements and process costs will be eliminated or reduced.

Training Administration

Efficient administration of learning activities is critical to the success of your taining function and ultimately your business. Our centralised approach to training administration enables training organisations to increase quality, reduce cost, and accelerate innovation.

TECEDU has serious experience in the management and administration of the learning process. Our training administration service is built on best practices and configured to the needs of each of our customers. We deliver rock-solid operations and high service levels under a variable cost model.


Trust us to run your back office administration effectively and thus enable your training and development team to focus on strategizing learning to deliver what your business wants. We will help you realize tangible results to rationalize your organisation’s training spend by optimising both the processes and costs of learning administration.

Benefits for your business:

  • Service levels and response times will be improved;
  • TECEDU can help with implementation of modern training techniques such as blended learning;
  • TECEDU will enable you to focus on core competencies and business value – while we will take care of work execution;
  • Direct costs will be reduced and costs will be shifted from fixed to variable.
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