The multifaceted nature to engineering and the challenges that pipeline engineers face means that engineers need to engage with more than the task at hand – they need to engage with the bigger picture, such as the political and economic implications of any given project. In order to engage effectively, they should be able to:

Communicate effectively

Engineers can tend to prioritise technical skills over communication skills, but communication is an essential skill for pipeline engineers. Pipeline engineers cannot be successful in their jobs without being able to speak, write and listen effectively. Interaction with others, whether internally or externally, can lead to misunderstandings without an effective line of communication at all times.

Display innovation

Creativity drives innovation, and innovation drives success. There is an-going need for those in technical jobs to possess a creative skillset, because it is this innovation that leads to pioneering thinking, and the development of products and services. In the field of pipeline engineering, innovation is just as valuable as technical skills to help identify and amend errors.

Adapt accordingly

Top pipeline engineers benefit greatly from being able to adapt to challenges that are thrown their way. Having an ability and an understanding to adjust accordingly to different environments and situations is what sets leading pipeline engineers apart from mediocre ones. Adaptability can be demonstrated by pipeline engineers being able to think on their feet, shrewdly assess problems, and find solutions.

Show leadership

In the context of pipeline engineering, showing leadership is about being bold and making decisions in the face of uncertainty, and delivering a project on time even if there are obstacles in the way. For example, a pipeline engineer could be working on a project located in Alaska, or another offshore drilling project where they may need extra training. A pipeline engineer with strong leadership skills would be able to assess any risks and take initiative.